The Vista Farmers Market is open this Saturday, and every Saturday until further notice.

Six guidelines from the California Department of Public Health that are pertinent to the Vista Farmers Market continuing:

1/ Certain activities are essential to the functioning of our state and MUST continue.  Hence this does not apply to essential public transportation, airport travel, or shopping at a store or mall.

2/ Ensure that event venues are well-ventilated -- that's us!

3/ If the activity is essential . . . could not be achieved without gathering.
Non-essential events should be limited to 250 people.

4/ CDRH does not recommend cancellation of community events at this 
time if no COVID-19 case exist within the community.

5/ the Department . . . emphasizes that the venue space does matter.

6/ The complete clinical picture in regard to COVID-19 is not fully understood.


Here is our reasoning:Essentialness (and Food Security)
We operate under the assumption that providing food is essential.
Italy has closed all retail stores except markets and pharmacies.
   In addition, food available directly from farmers who grew it has been handled by fewer people than the estimated 17 people who have handled food through other outlets.  We presume each added person involved adds a layer of insecurity.
   In addition, we assume at this point that shopping outdoors is the best ventilated place to buy food.
   The majority of shoppers at the Vista market come for their health, to be able to afford healthy, organic, or special-diet foods.  It is their choice to shop here or elsewhere as they utilize the available information.

Social Distancing
   Mass gatherings are defined as having large numbers of people within an arm’s length of one another.  This reflects the situation at venues where patrons are seated, or standing shoulder-to-shoulder as at concerts, theaters, churches, schools, and similar places.
   In addition, the social distancing at a farmers market is greater than at a supermarket.  Our aisles are 15 feet wide, while those in a supermarket are minimum 32 inches wide or average 4 feet wide, this is 375% more distance.  The average customer spends 20 minutes in a farmers market, the average customer spendsan 41 minutes in a supermarket.
   In addition, we assume that having more places to buy food is better than having fewer.  The fewer there are the LESS social distance possible for a given number of customers.

Future Preparedness
IF the county is quarantined, the two days of food in supermarkets will likely run out in a day due to hoarding.  Here’s what would happen then . . . government agencies would say “let’s get local farmers together” at some outdoor place, at a scheduled time so people can buy food.  
This is what we HAVE now, operating, and keeping local food producers producing and people eating healthy food.

What Customers Should Do:

> If you have a cough, runny nose, or fever PLEASE do not come to the market.  Your health and the health of the people who come out to the market are important.
> If a farmer or maker has a cough, runny nose, or fever they will NOT be allowed to sell in the market.  There is no penalty for not showing up to sell.

> Customers at higher risk of severe illness may not want to attend.

> Customers, vendors, and staff should not attend if they have travelled 
within the past 30 days to China, Iran, Italy, or South Korea.
> Everyone should minimize close contact (no hand shaking or hugging). It is recommended that you stay 3 to 6 feet away from people generally.

> Keep your hands clean frequently, either with soap and water or hand sanitizer, at least 60% alcohol.

In addition, the market’s aisles will be widened, for increased social distancing. 

Vista Farmers Market

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our philosophy:

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Get all of your nutrient dense, seasonal, flavorful food in one place each week. And do it outside in the fresh air with friends.


If you haven't experienced the difference in flavor from something that comes straight from the farm, you owe it to yourself. And if you have, you know there's simply no other way.

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The VFM has been empowering the local agricultural community for over 35 years.


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