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July 8, 2019

New Hours 2019 + More Info

Vista Farmers Market News

The market has NEW HOURS starting in 2019.  We are shifting back to 8:00 am to 12:00 noon due to a requirement of the County Health Department.

Gotten a little lost in the Parking Lot?
The parking lot now has marked rows — each row has a color-box with a letter inside. From A on up. Check the row you parked in as you walk into the market, and at least remember the color of the box . . . it will get you to the right row.

You are Deputized for Pets
Pets are not allowed in the market. Signs are posted. The County regulates pets at any event that offers food. It is against the law to have a pet in the market, only service animals are allowed. Signs are posted at each entrance. Market staff stays busy enough that we cannot catch each pet. You can be a pet deputy and remind people that pets are not allowed in the market. Be polite and let them know.

Bag Exchange
If you have a bin or box of reusable cloth bags that you don’t want (or just one!) or that have your business promoted on them — the Vista Market’s Bag Exchange could use them.
People can leave or take reusable cloth bags in the cart at the market. Share today!

Cooking Demonstration
Each month at the Wellness Event, our market chef cooks and samples items from the market to potential customers. Keep an eye out for Mary ‘Klibs’ Dralle.

Events coming up

Jewelry Jamboree –
the Vista market’s annual event for jewelry makers, space still available.

Kids, Teens, and Tweens Market –
Returns to the Vista market for the fourth year.

Wellness Event – every month
monthly event for services or products that add to people’s health and happiness.

Minimum Fee for Farmers has been lowered 75% – –
the minimum farmer fee is now $2 (down from $8)

Predicted Rain and the Vista Farmers Market
The Vista market is open in all weather. Truly.
We’ve been flooded by a broken pipe, we were still open.
We’ve gone through heavy rain, and big wind, still open.
We will be there, ready for you.

One smart way to check the rain is to check TWO things . . .
check the amount of rain predicted for the day (or the hour) and
check the likelihood of rain, the percentage.

Often it is something like . . . 25% chance of 4/100s of an inch of rain for the whole day.

July 8, 2019

Farmers and Water

Using water, the way we do, means this . . .
we will be asked to conserve water
more water will be needed as more and more people move in
farmers will be asked to cutback their water use, even more
more water will be conserved (individually)
more water will be used (overall)
farmers will go out of business (individually)
when all the conservation has done all it can
and yet demand increases
(and after wet years, and dry ones again)
we will attempt to recycle our remaining water
— from sewage, or the polluted ocean, or anywhere
we will do anything to get enough water
and our food will come from other countries.
And politics will decide if we eat.

— an opinion —

The longest running farmers market in the county (since 1981) open in all weather EVERY Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon

Copyright Vista Farmers Market 2019

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